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Virutham on Guru
About a week ago, I wrote this virutham on my Guru. I've used four raga mudras - candrajOti, saraswati, tilang and paras. It may be an amateur attempt, but it came from the heart, so I like it. :)

guruvE candrajOtiyE
param poruLE (en) uyirpporuLE (Note: candrajOti = Shashikiran)

vINA pANiyai saraswatiyai nAvil kONDu
(en) agyAnattai ozhittu sugyAnattai vaLarttAi

rAga tALa bhAvattil angamAi uruveDuttu
(ennuL) isai ennum jyOtiyai suDar viTTeriya vaittAi

(un) anbinAl aravaNaittu manadai magizhvittu
isai ennum kaDalil iga para sukham kANa vaittAi

manadAl smarittu immozhiyAl pOTTRi sirattAl vaNa.nginEn
un tiruvaDi caraNam caraNam caraNam

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I like the latter two much better than the first two.

BTW it's jyOti not jOti. And did you mean vINa instead of vInA?

Hey, I like candrajOti too.

'jyOti' = sanskrit. in tamizh, it is written as 'jOti'. So, I've used the latter.

'vInA' = typo. Will change it.

Hey, neat! Great going! :) I was going to ask about the "jyoti" part too, but Arvind beat me to it! Oh well ...

You can always count on me to be there whenever Sanskrit words are misspelled on the Internet :-)

very nice Nivedita..I want to hear it..

Arunachala Karthik

good attempt nivedita, as said above compose it and let the world hear you. do continue your attempts


Hi Nivedita,

Good to see the lyrics.


Virutham on Guru

This is freaky stuff! Your dedication for your guru is appreciated, but Vid. Sashikiran and Chandra jyoti is a bit too much...
You can channelize that devotion on an actual god, like Sri. Balaji or Kapaleeswarar..


you still learn from your guru....i want to join my kid pls give details

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